Friday, May 1, 2015

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The question of how to adequately compensate college athletes has been widely debated over the last decade, with players arguing a switch to a pay for play model while the NCAA is keen on preserving amateurism.  The arguments have escalated and are beginning to cause discontent in college athletics, between most notably the players and the NCAA.  My paper addresses the issue that athletes feel they are being taken advantage of by the NCAA, who is currently earning millions from these players.  Specifically I will be looking at the financial, moral, and academic exploitation of these players by the NCAA and how the NCAA has been able to prolong this exploitation.  I will discuss the idea of amateurism and how this enables the NCAA to continue to exploit players, although they argue it is there to protect them.  I argue that the NCAA is a corrupt body that is currently exploiting athletes, who deserve more compensation than they are now receiving.  In conclusion, this project, by closely examining the financial, academic and moral issues that surround the NCAA, brings to light the exploitation of college athletes and a potential solution to this long debated problem.     

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